InstaGrowth for Influencers

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Do you feel like your audience growth is just....stuck? Like the algorithm really hates you and you can't seem to grow no matter what you do? Start here!

InstaGrowth for Influencers is all about the foundations of using Instagram as a business. We'll teach you everything from niching down to hashtag strategies, and other unique growth methods. If you're ready to dive in, this 5 Module Course is for you.

A sample of what's inside:

Module 1: Who am I? Why Learn From Me?

Module 2:
Pt 1: Niching Down & Content Pillars
Pt 2: Finding Your Voice & Aesthetic
Pt 3: Beating Imposter Syndrome

Module 3:

Pt 1: Establish Your Target Followers
Pt 2: Build a Bio that Sells
Pt 3: Follower Retention

Module 4:

Pt 1: Video Content for Growth
Pt 2: Hashtags for Growth
Pt 3: Posting Hacks for Growth
Pt 4: Creative Growth Strategies

Module 5:
Pt 1: Creating a Content Calendar
Pt 2: Batch Creating Content
Pt 3: Repurpose Content like a Pro

Everything it takes to get started in this industry is at the tips of your fingers.

And you'll gain lifetime access to the content as it changes, increases and improves. As you know, the influencer world and algorithms are always changing, so updates will be posted in the course content as needed.


You'll gain access to our exclusive Facebook group of influencers where you can receive support, advice and 1:1 contact with us. This group and the years of experience inside is invaluable.

Who Are We?

We're Kait & Ady, full time Influencers and serial entrepreneurs. Just like you, we decided that the 9-5 life just wasn't for us. We wanted more. With a combined almost 15 years in the industry, we have figured a lot of things out via struggles and trial & error. We created this course so that you wouldn't have to face that trial and error. You can jump to the front of the line and use our experience as your Influencer Fast Pass.

If you're ready to jump in with both feet and take this influencer thing seriously, but you're not sure where to start, InstaGrowth is for you!

See you inside!

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5 Modules of Content
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Facebook Support Group
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Worksheets and Printables
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InstaGrowth for Influencers

1 rating
I want this!